There are so many people in our lives, it’s sometimes hard to know what information we should share and with whom.

When you pass your Torch, remember that whomever you choose doesn’t need to know everything, they just need to know where to find essential information when they need it. That is The Torch is designed not to share any confidential or personal details, only high level instructions on who to call, where to look and what to do in an emergency.

So who should you pass your Torch to? It depends. Here are some guidelines I think will help you answer this question:

If you live alone…

Pass your Torch to two close family members and/or trusted friends, people who have been in your life a long time and whom you know will always be in your life. At least one person should live close by, if possible.

If you live with someone else…

Pass your Torch to two people, the person you live with and one other close family member or trusted friend as a backup. You need a backup for two reasons. The first is that, since the two of you spend a lot of your time together, something could possibly happen to both of you. But more likely, if something happens to you, your significant other would be so distraught they would need someone else who can help them navigate your life.

If you have estate planning documents…

The people you named as your primary and alternate advocates in your will, financial and healthcare power of attorney and/or trust need essential information to act in your best interests and carry out your wishes. If you have a strong relationship with your estate attorney, pass your Torch to them. They can ensure your instructions are complete and be a trusted resource for your loved ones.

If you have a primary financial planner…

Financial planners who provide holistic financial and estate planning services are excellent resources to help you make sure you have all the items in place that you should. Pass your Torch to your financial planner, they are specially trained to have your back and can be a trusted resource for your loved ones.

Always be sure the people you are entrusting are both OLD enough and YOUNG enough to assume this important responsibility.

It takes just five minutes to pass essential information to the two most important people in your life using The Torch. You can easily add as many people as you want, or remove them. Organizing and sharing instructions for how to navigate your life in an emergency is a responsible way to show how much you care.

Show the love…pass your Torch!



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