Frequently Asked Questions

I wrote down instructions and told my loved ones where to find them. Why do I need this?

The challenge with traditional manual documents is that you don’t know for sure if you forgot something and they are difficult to keep up to date. The person for whom they are intended rarely reads them and typically forgets where they are. The Torch walks you through a comprehensive checklist of items and lets you know if you’re missing anything important. We also remind you to keep everything current. When you pass the Torch to your loved ones, your instructions are easy to read and at their fingertips in an emergency.

What if I don’t want anyone to navigate my life?

Whether you want it or not, someone close to you will need to manage your life if you get sick, injured or pass away. You have the power to make this process easier with The Torch. The mere act of sharing simple, yet vital, information with your loved ones now can save everyone stress and frustration in an emergency.

How long does it take to enter my information?

The set-up will take you five minutes or less to complete. It’s that easy! Completing the rest of your notebooks is very fast because most of the items are multiple choice. Each notebook typically takes less than 15 minutes and you can complete them at your leisure.

Are my instructions secure?

We take the security of your data very seriously. We use the same industry standard techniques used by banks and major corporations. Our security program combines software and hardware to provide multiple lines of defense for all data. The great thing about The Torch is that by using our unique method, you do not hand over any confidential account numbers, passwords or documents to us or anyone else. Your confidential information remains safe where you currently keep it.

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Will you share my information or email address with other parties?

We do not and will not share, sell or rent your personal information to anyone, for any reason, at any time unless you have authorized us to do so or we are required by law.

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How do I share my data with other people?

Once you complete your profile, you invite people who would need to navigate your life in an emergency to view your virtual notebooks by entering their email address and sending them a personal message. They receive an email and can view your notebooks by creating a secure account. Sharing is only one-way. In order to see someone’s notebooks, they must pass their torch to you.

Does The Torch have an iPad, iPhone or Android App?

Our site is designed to work on all web and mobile platforms and does not need an app. Use any browser to access


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