The Torch is a platform that enables you to organize your life, identify missing information, take corrective action and share it with the right people. It also helps you create a plan and helps your loved ones execute your plan.

This is an invite only platform that is FREE for you. We are currently offering a limited number of invite codes.

7 Features To Effortlessly Organize & Share (Free Personal Plan)

Setup Custom Profile

  • Answer questionnaire with 7 simple questions
  • In less than 5 minutes, create your sections and notebooks

Download Checklist

  • Download Checklist to help you gather all the information needed

Create Notebooks

  • Notebooks are created in 5 sections –  Personal, Real Estate, Dependents, Pets and Vehicles
  • You complete each notebook by opening it and answering a questionnaire
  • Based on your answers, the information is arranged in sub-sections for easy access
  • Each notebook should take around 30 minutes

Complete Recommendations

  • Based on the data provided, the system scans for gaps and provides recommendations
  • You can export this list and work on resolving them
  • If something is not applicable to your situation, you just remove it

Share Your Torch

  • Now you are ready to share your data by passing your torch
  • By adding a customized message, you can start the most important conversation with your loved ones
  • Once they accept your torch, they will now have access to your information

Create Your Plan

  • An Executor Plan is automatically created based on the information you provided
  • Review the plan to see if the information is accurate and adequate
  • Add Executors by sending them a request
  • Assign deputes to tasks
  • Now your deputes have a clear plan with the details needed to manage any situation

Check Resources

  • The resources tab provides you with tons of information
  • This section is constantly updated to provide maximum guidance

2 Features To Effortlessly Manage Affairs & Execute Plans (Sharing Plan)

Access Notebooks

  • In the My Torches section all the passed Torches are visible
  • By clicking View Torch Confidants can see your Notebooks in Read-Only mode

Access Executor Plans

  • In the Executor Toolkit section all the shared plans are visible
  • Clicking on View Plan to see the corresponding Plan
  • Deputes can collaborate and manage tasks by sending each other messages
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