At various stages of your life you gather important information. This information needs to be documented so that you can manage your assets and responsibilities well. You find this task daunting. For the first time, you now have a tool that makes this easy for you.

This is an invite only platform that is FREE for you. We are currently offering a limited number of invite codes.

Personal Plan – 7 Features To Effortlessly Organize & Share

Setup Custom Profile

  • Answer questionnaire with 7 simple questions

Download Checklist

  • Download Checklist to help you gather all the information needed

Create Notebooks

  • Notebooks are created in 5 sections –  Personal, Real Estate, Dependents, Pets and Vehicles
  • You complete each notebook by opening it and answering a questionnaire
  • Based on your answers, the information is arranged in sub-sections for easy access

Complete Recommendations

  • Based on the data provided, the system scans for gaps and provides recommendations
  • You can export this list and work on resolving them

Share Your Torch

  • Now you are ready to share your data by passing your torch
  • By adding a customized message, you can start the most important conversation with your loved ones
  • Once they accept your torch, they will now have access to your information

Create Your Plan

  • An Executor Plan is automatically created based on the information you provided
  • Add Executors by sending them a request
  • Assign tasks and create a clear plan with the details needed to manage any situation

Check Resources

  • The resources tab provides you with tons of information
  • This section is constantly updated to provide maximum guidance

Sharing Plan – 2 Features To Help Your Loved Ones

Access Notebooks

  • In the My Torches section all the passed Torches are visible
  • By clicking View Torch Confidants can see your Notebooks in Read-Only mode

Access Executor Plans

  • In the Executor Toolkit section all the shared plans are visible
  • Clicking on View Plan to see the corresponding Plan
  • Deputies can collaborate and manage tasks by sending messages to each other
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