When we need the information to act, do we have it handy? The answer is NO, which Priya learnt the hard way. When she had to help her mom manage her real estate, checking and savings accounts, investments, life insurance and other personal possessions, it was challenging. Information was found in the form of paper notes, outdated diaries and documents spread in various locations. The inadequacy of consolidated information created extreme stress.

To avoid facing a similar stressful situation, she decided to organize her information. Looking for tools online to help document and share critical information, yielded nothing. There was no simple step-by-step guide to create, organize, and share valuable information. Most options required an annual subscription plan that encouraged this vital task to be deferred.

Having built software for over 15 years, she decided to design and build a product that would empower users to update and maintain important information at their own pace. She acquired The Torch from its founder, Lenore Vassil, and enhanced it create a platform to help everyone easily document the key details of their life and share it with their loved ones.

It can be overwhelming to think about all the information your loved ones would need if something happened to you. The Torch uses a holistic approach to encompass a range of “what if” scenarios to ensure you are equipped for any situation. This tool simplifies the complexity of organizing and sharing what matters in a way no other application does. Our unique approach breaks the process into small steps and allows you to add items over time. We help you start conversations with your loved ones and advisors now, regardless of the state of your affairs.

The Torch is free for you to use to help you create and maintain information at your own pace.


Conversation should start early. We are making it easier to have conversations that matter because we believe that talking about the “what-ifs of life” should be routine and customary. Our mission is to empower you as you get older.