Founder Lenore Vassil and her friends discussed the possibility of what loved ones would go through if something happened to them while on an adventure vacation. They posed a simple question: “Does anyone know how to navigate your life if something happened to you?” The unanimous response was “no.”

Soon after this conversation, Lenore’s father became ill, causing her family to scramble to keep the household running while he recovered. Troubled by this, Lenore looked for an easy way to organize and share simple, non-confidential — yet essential — information with her family. She could not find a solution she liked, so she decided to create The Torch.

Lenore’s built The Torch based on lessons she learned as a technology executive for Bank of America, MTV Networks, Verizon and Accenture. She assembled an expert team of software engineers, designers, security specialists, financial advisers and estate attorneys to simplify the complicated process of personal information management. The Torch is a holistic approach encompassing a range of “what if” scenarios to ensure you are equipped for any situation. The patent pending technology simplifies the complexity of organizing and sharing what matters in a way no other application does.


We’re making it easier to have conversations that matter because we believe that talking about the “what ifs of life” should be routine and customary. At The Torch we’re passionate about inspiring people everywhere to share instructions on how to navigate their life so that if they experience an unexpected accident or illness, they have a well-informed support network of loved ones and advisors who can help them.


We know it can be overwhelming to think about what kind of information you would want your loved ones to have if something happened to you and you might not have all the items you should. Our unique approach breaks the process into small steps for you. We help you start the conversations with the people you love and advisors now, regardless of the state of your affairs, and help you add items over time. The Torch offers an easy, achievable and engaging method of organizing and communicating instructions about your life.