Today, I’m incredibly excited to announce the next generation of The Torch. Thank you for all your wonderful feedback and suggestions. The Torch is now faster, easier and more flexible than ever before.

In just five minutes you can tell your loved ones the five most essential things they should know about you, but probably don’t. It’s free for everyone, forever. If you want to enter more instructions, just upgrade to the The Torch Pro.







PS. Our website also has a new look. Take a peek!


Pass your Torch in five minutes for free! 
We took the five most essential instructions you should share with your loved ones and made them free, for everyone, forever! They are on a new tab in your personal notebook called Essentials. No excuses now for not passing the Torch!


Streamlined Notebooks
We’ve made the notebook checklists faster and more flexible. You can now use the dependent notebook for an adult, and we added new fields in all the notebooks based on customer suggestions. 


Stay in the Loop
It’s now easier to see if you have Torches waiting for you to accept or if you are waiting for others to accept your Torch. You will also receive an email when someone accepts your Torch invitation.


To Do List is now called Bright Ideas. 
It works the same way, just renamed to reflect the fact that these are suggestions and not mandatory for passing the Torch. The list is now prioritized to help you focus on the most important items and you can export it to a .pdf file so it can be easily printed or emailed. Our Resource library is also growing rapidly with helpful links and tools. Check it out!


New Lifetime Subscription Option
You can now purchase a lifetime subscription to The Torch Pro for $144. The one-time price includes all current and future Pro features. A small price to pay for peace of mind!


Sign up today!