We live in a DIY world. With the Internet, we have most things at our finger tips. You can learn how to fix a car by watching a YouTube video, and you can look up all your symptoms of an illness with WebMD.

But, just because we CAN do it ourselves, does it mean we should? This is especially important when dealing with legal matters — such as estate planning or creating a will.

LearnVest has a excellent article titled “DIY or Not: Wills and Estate Planning” that deals with this important topic. It says “luckily, you don’t always need to see an attorney—or pay expensive fees. Some forms are so simple you can download them and fill them out yourself within minutes, at no cost. Then again, some forms—and some family situations—are complicated enough that you definitely should enlist professional help.”

You’ll need to determine how complicated your life is and seek legal counsel accordingly. The article gives some great examples of when to DIY and when to call an attorney.


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